Yoshidaizumidono Kyoto University

Yoshida Izumidono

Yoshida-Izumidono underwent a full renovation in June 2007, but its garden was left untouched. The garden renovation began with Professor Shuichi Kawai of the Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere playing the central role. The Yoshida-Izumidono garden design was used as the project in the Landscaping Practice I (Professor Yukihiro Morimoto and Assistant Professor Junichi Imanishi) offered by the Faculty of Agriculture in the 2008 academic year. The basic design of the project selected from this Landscaping Practice I class, created by student Sawaichi Minami of the Division of Forest and Biomaterials Science of the Graduate School of Agriculture (first year of master’s program), was explained at the Meeting for Institute and Center Directors held in May 2009. Further, the final design with elements of biotope (garden of use) added to Karesansui (garden of view) was requested, and in July 2009, the final basic design idea was approved. Later, the implementation design was created, funding was secured through support from the university budget etc., and in March of this year, a new and beautiful garden themed on “city of water,” full of sense of flowing calm, was completed.

Celebration was held in commemoration of the completion of the Yoshida-Izumidono garden.




Meeting room (first floor)




Meeting room east (second floor)






Address: Yoshidaizumidonocho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 606-8301, Japan.